On November 8th remember to fill the oval for Peter Trementozzi.

I am Peter Trementozzi, running for Rhode Island State Representative in District 44 which represents Johnston, Smithfield, and Lincoln.

I have been a resident of Johnston for 23 years with my wife Beth, and two children, Peter, and Ella.

While I and my family love living in the Biggest Little State in the Union, there are strong concerns I have that I would like to address as your Representative in the State House.

I am running for office because, as a taxpayer, I have observed our current legislators enact laws and budgets that are harmful to “We the Taxpayer”, our families, and our retirees. The first item I take issue with is the enormous size of our state’s budget. We need to get our frivolous spending under control and stop giving money to special interest groups. When we sort that out, we can work to lower taxes on home heating oil, gasoline, and electricity which our current legislatures voted against doing. We can also actively strive to reduce the taxes we pay on retirement accounts and social security while working to provide more mental health services for those who so desperately need them.

Taxes, energy costs, and the lack of a solid educational system with parental involvement are strangling the taxpayers of this state. These issues are keeping newcomers and new investors away. We need to once again make Rhode Island a desirable destination state to live in, raise and educate our families in, and to feel comfortable retiring here.

I am a principled man that will always look for common ground on matters that pertain to you the voter. As your elected voice in the State House, I will vote with conscience and your wishes as a taxpayer.

I am . . . “The change we need and the Voice you deserve.”

for Rhode Island State Representative

Smithfield ~ Lincoln ~ Johnston

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